People Are More Into Cars In The UK Than Anywhere Else

The CAR Inquisition: VW’s R boss

Dakar winner, former F1 team boss and now the man in charge of VW’s R division, Jost Capito won’t let the old-school hot hatch disappear without a fight

THE SMALL PRINT of Jost Capito’s CV is enough to bring any petrolhead out in a sweat. He didn’t just work at BMW – he was in the high-performance engine development team from 1985. That same year, he didn’t just take part in the Dakar rally – he was in the winning truck crew. His first job within the VW Group was in Porsche’s racing division. After a stint at Sauber he moved to Ford – and there he helped bring to fruition the first Focus RS, no less.

F1 Teenagers, from Amon to Norris

F1: who is the youngest of them all?

Promising embryo Lando Norris is young. But he’s not the youngest F1 pilot ever…

IN THE DAYS BEFORE forensic data analysis and NASA-spec simulators, drivers needed time-tempered experience to be fast in F1. Technology is making it possible to get quicker faster, but as this countdown shows, the presence of teenage drivers in F1 isn’t a 21st-century phenomenon.

Kia, Mercedes, Volvo, BWM, The Now and The Never

This autumn’s hot fact and fiction Some you’ll be able to buy, others less so. By Jake Groves

Volvo 360c

It’s our autonomous pod of the month! Before you get ahead of yourselves, this isn’t a replacement for the boxy, Dutch-built Volvo 360 either. No, Volvo aspires to take on short haul flights with this rather swish-looking driverless car. It’s allelectric, with Volvo saying it’ll do 186 miles on one charge. The idea is that if you’re travelling from continental city to city,

Renault does a Bentley

‘Design is not dead’

Renault’s latest concept seeks to prove that, in a future of identikit driverless ridesharing blobs, there is still hope for privacy, luxury and beauty. By Ben Miller

WE WERE ANNOYED by this notion that we’re all going be riding around in white boxes,’ smiles Renault senior design VP Laurens van den Acker.

‘I’m not saying we won’t – for most of us, 90 percent of the time, that will be the reality – but we won’t only be doing that. I like to think there is hope for design, even in this new world. Who wouldn’t want to be driven in this? Tell me this is a white box!’ There’s nothing like a deadline to set minds racing and change in motion.

The Future of Ferrari: New Boss, New Cars, New Plan

Purosangue, profit and Ferrari’s most powerful V12 yet

Post-Marchionne, Ferrari’s fans and investors wanted answers. Now they have them – and Ferrari’s wildest road car yet as a bonus. By Ben Miller

CONFIDENCE breeds success. But this summer Maranello wasn’t exactly swimming in the stuff, as its Formula 1 team squandered the fastest car on the grid and the storied car maker reeled from the sudden loss of chairman Sergio Marchionne. Ferrari and FCA share prices wobbled in the wake of Marchionne’s passing (on July 25), not helped by comments from new CEO Louis Camilleri that the plan he inherited was both ‘aspirational’ and faced ‘risks’.

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