With wild styling and an equally wild 715bhp, Aston Martin's new DBS Superleggera is the GT re-invented with more swagger. By James Taylor

Highest ever downforce for a production Aston: 180kg at Vimax (60kg front, 120kg rear) yet without any extra drag versus DB11. That's thanks to clever underbody aero and a shrewdly tuned rear spoiler.

New A1 in Audi's Own Words

So much more than a rebadged Polo, this autumn's new junior Audi is mean, keen and clean

SPORTY IT'S ALL about the sportiness with Audi’s new A1 Sportback, due in the UK in November. From the new design to punchy petrol engines in a fettled VW Group chassis, Audi seems determined to deliver a small hatch that’s got a lot more muscle than the outgoing model.

5 Cool Things About Hot Wheels at 50

Created by hippies, sold billions and still taking the fight to those pesky iPads

  1. Mattel already had one global smash with the Barbie doll, released in 1959.
    They wanted something as popular for boys. The die-cast car market was crammed but Mattel saw an opening for something that was fun to play with, not just good to look at. R&D chief Jack Ryan (ex-aerospace engineer, married to Zsa Zsa Gabor, drove a fire engine) created a tiny roller that brought the models to life.

Bentley, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche - BMW has them all in its sights with its ambitious new 8-series grand tourer

AFTER TEASING US with an 8-series concept last year, BMW has finally revealed the real thing. The all-new grand tourer replaces the 6-series as Munich’s
flagship coupe, with the first two versions in showrooms this autumn, priced from £76,270.
The coupe resurrects a name last used in the ’90s for a wedgy coupe based on the 7-series. The only choice then was V8 or V12. But the 2018 8-series has a choice of diesel or petrol power, and the coupe will be joined by a four-door Gran Coupe and a two-door convertible, both expected before the end of next year.

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