Audi, What’s Gone Wrong and What’s Next

The Only Way is Up…

Under-investment, indecision, Dieselgate jail time – challenging times for Audi, as Georg Kacher explains

AT THE TIME of writing, Audi chairman Rupert Stadler is in Augsburg prison, Bavaria. He hasn’t been tried or charged with anything; he’s being investigated over allegations that he didn’t intervene when he heard about the use of defeat devices in 2015. The German authorities thought justice would be best served by having him out of the loop and unable to intervene in their ongoing investigations.

Adios Alonso, F1’s Best Driver* Moves On

He came, he saw, he conquered, he rufled feathers, he left. By Tom Clarkson

TWO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and 32 wins. It was a good knock, but there’s no doubt that Fernando Alonso underachieved in Formula 1. His talent deserved more and he could have won more, had he played a better hand out of the car.

Make no bones about it: Alonso was one of the best drivers of his generation. But his off-track outbursts and politicking alienated him from the top teams, to the extent that they no longer wanted to employ him.

Bugatti, The King of Straight-Line Speed Takes a Turn

New boss, new era at Bugatti, starting with the Divo – a £4m hypercar that prioritises corners over speed (but still does 236mph). By Curtis Moldrich

UNVEILING THE DIVO at the The Quail – an event held during Monterey Car Week that values pedigree and history above all else – was no coin- cidence. After all, Bugatti’s new hypercar is based on the already legendary Chiron, and named after ’20s Bugatti racer Albert Divo. But it breaks new ground for the French marque, by focusing more intently on dynamics than top speed. Costing £4.4m and limited to 40 units, it also marks the first chapter of Stephan Winkelmann’s Bugatti, former Lamborghini and Audi Sport boss.

Vauxhall’s Fresh Start and Faces The Future

With the transition to French ownership complete, Vauxhall faces the future with a clean new look. By Jake Groves

THIS ISN’T JUST A BIT of eye candy for Vauxhall to wheel out at motor shows. No, the GT X Experimental concept has the heavy burden of signal- ling both a new era of Vauxhall design and the official start of its new status as part of France’s Groupe PSA, not America’s GM.

‘The change meant a massive opportunity for us,’ says Mark Adams, Vauxhall and sister brand Opel’s design chief. ‘Not only are we clearly in the process of moving our vehicle architectures to a different set of platforms, but we had the oppor- tunity to think about what we do as a brand from a design point of view. This is an opportunity for us to redefine what we wanted to be.’

New Car Debrief Suzuki Jimny

1. You took your time!

When the previous-generation Suzuki Jimny was launched, Tony Blair was in Downing Street, B*Witched made their chart debut and the McLaren F1 was the fastest car in the world. Twenty years later, Suzuki has revealed the successor to its tiny- but-tough 4x4. Let’s party like it’s 1998.

2. Has the Jimny gone soft?

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