Aston’s annus mirabilis: where did it all go right?

Aston Martin’s £5 billion miracle

Andy Palmer’s audacious management is paying of, and then some. By Gavin Green

I HAD DINNER WITH ANDY Palmer in Paris a few days after he was appointed boss of Aston Martin. It was September 2014. The ex-Nissan chief operating officer spoke of his desire (‘since I was 20’) to be a car company CEO, and of his passion for Aston Martin.

Peugeot Reinvents The Future by Looking to The Past


A painfully desirable Peugeot – when was the last time that happened? The queue to buy an e-Legend starts just behind Colin Overland

PEUGEOT’S NEW E-LEGEND Concept is an electric, autonomous show star inspired by the 1968 504 Coupe. It shows what a 2025 production Peugeot could look like and what features it could offer. There’s the connectivity and big-screen infotainment typical of show cars, but there’s also a much greater emphasis on dynamism and desirability than has been the case with recent Peugeots.

Every Mini Should Feel Mini

The CAR Inquisition: Oliver Heilmer

New design chief Oliver Heilmer believes future Minis should prioritise character and clever packaging, without being constrained by the past

JUST OVER A year ago, BMW Group design boss Adrian van Hooydonk admitted to CAR that of all the brands under his remit it was Mini – at that time without a head of design – that required the most help.

‘I think it’s the one that needs the biggest push,’ he told us. ‘After its relaunch, Mini stayed on its track for just a little too long. Now it’s time to make a departure.’


1. Third time’s the charm?

Mk3 Z4 – on sale next spring – is a rear-drive twoseater that’s new from the ground up, and shares its platform with the imminent Toyota Supra coupe. Here we see the M40i, with most of its 336bhp turbo straight-six sited behind the front axle for 50:50 weight distribution.

2. No hardtop?

No, just a softtop that folds up or down in 10sec at up to 31mph. It’s claimed to be lighter and quieter than the previous Z4’s folding hardtop.

44 Years On, Britain Embraces The Mustang

Ford’s iconic coupe is finally having its moment in the UK. What’s so special about it? By Colin Overland

MAYBE IT’S A last hurrah before the self-driving electric pod takes over. Maybe it’s that the latest version is far better suited to the UK. Maybe Ford’s relentless Mustang marketing has hit home. For whatever reason, one of the sales successes of recent months is the Ford Mustang. Not quite au fait with your Mustang history, though? Then you need Mustang by Donald Farr, part of Motorbooks’ excellent Speed Read series that also covers Ferraris and the Porsche 911.

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