1. You took your time!

When the previous-generation Suzuki Jimny was launched, Tony Blair was in Downing Street, B*Witched made their chart debut and the McLaren F1 was the fastest car in the world. Twenty years later, Suzuki has revealed the successor to its tiny- but-tough 4x4. Let’s party like it’s 1998.

2. Has the Jimny gone soft?

Don’t worry, it hasn’t turned into a crossover. It’s still a proper dyed-in- the-Gore-Tex 4x4, with a ladder-frame chassis, low-range transfer box, three-link rigid-axle suspension and minimal overhangs to its boxier-than- ever shape. The curviest part is the spare wheel hung on the back door.

3. Walnut and leather interior?

No. Sturdy black plastic galore, chunky no- nonsense controls and mouldings like a G-Shock watch, but this time there’s also a touchscreen with sat-nav available.
Under the clamshell bonnet a 101bhp 1.5-litre engine replaces the old 1.3, with a choice of five-speed manual or four-speed auto.

4. When can I buy one?

Early 2019, with prices expected to start around £13,000.
As the littlest authentic of- roader the Jimny has few direct rivals; Jeep’s Wrangler and, to an extent, Merc’s G-Wagen are closest in ethos but both are much bigger and much pricier.

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