The new Porsche 911, The Eighth Wonder of Stuttgart

Newsflash: Porsche’s released a new 911, the eighth generation of its talismanic sports car. For all its 21st century tech it’s still a 911 – and a very handsome one at that.

LIVER BLUME, Porsche CEO, is addressing the assembled media at the Los Angeles Auto Show. ‘Continuity doesn’t mean stagnation,’ he says, delivering a polite middle finger to ac-cusations of same-again laziness on Porsche’s business-as-mostly-usual 911 evolution. And he has a point. For while you might still need a little help telling this one apart from the 991-generation car, the technology beneath the 992’s skin would suggest Stuttgart’s hardly been dragging its heels.

Many will welcome the familiar Coke-bottle shape, now with a front end 45mm wider than before.

The hottest metal from the Los Angeles show

Feeling brave?

Extrovert newcomers from the LA show…
… and a Mazda that’s probably too subtle for its own good. By James Taylor

Jeep Gladiator
A spin-off of the latest Jeep Wrangler, inspired by the 1963-1972 Gladiator J-series pick-up, the new Gladiator is a soft-top, twin-cab pick-up with load-hauling ability as serious as
its off-road credentials. It’s longer than the regular Wrangler, and has a fold-down windscreen, removable doors, electric front and rear diff locks and disconnectable anti-roll bars. Inside there’s a good amount of sophisticated tech, including
a pinch-and-zoom touchscreen, and there are already more than 200 official Mopar custom parts available. Expect it in the UK in 2020.

Audi’s EV Charge Gathers Pace

Can Audi beat Porsche at its own game with the Taycan-twinned e-Tron GT? By Curtis Moldrich

IN AN UNASSUMING studio in Ingolstadt, Audi’s head of design is showing CAR around the most exciting project he’s ever worked on. It’s not a supercar, or an impossible show car – it’s the e-Tron GT concept, an EV that previews Audi’s take on the Porsche Taycan. A production version will follow in 2020.

Marc Lichte is so pleased with the GT because it’s stayed very close to his original vision. ‘It’s like the first sketch,’ he says. Although Audi has labelled it a concept, it’s unlikely to change in any significant way before going into production. ‘That’s why I’m really proud of this car,’ says Lichte. ‘It’s the highlight in my career.’

Gran Turismo: From PS1 to FIA-Certified

The CAR Inquisition: Gran Turismo’s Maverick Maker

Awesomely successful gaming franchise Gran Turismo just held its first FIA-certified championship finals. Creator Kazunori Yamauchi talks about his ongoing merger of the real and the digital

KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI ISN’T the most recognisa-ble figure, but when it comes to creating and inspiring car enthusiasts he’s as important as the likes of Gordon Murray and Colin Chapman. Why? Because he’s the creator of Gran Turismo, one of the most popular racing game series of all time.
‘While Gran Turismo’s a video game, it’s also a movement,’ Yamauchi begins. ‘That’s something I can be proud of.’

It’s true, GT Sport isn’t just a game any more – and it’s not ‘the real driving simulator’ either, as its old tagline used to claim.

Renault Megane RS comes again, with feeling

1. The Megane RS comes again, with feeling

This is the very welcome Trophy version of the Megane RS. Power climbs to 296bhp and torque to 320lb ft should you opt for the twin-clutch gearbox (295lb ft on manuals). That’s a useful increase, courtesy of a new exhaust and a trick new turbo running ceramic bearings.

2. Chassis upgrades to suit?

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