The Old Car Factory Shaping The Future

Don't be so quick to consign Vauxhall/Opel to the history books. Its R&D HQ is busy bringing new tech to the mass market. By Jake Groves

CARS HAVE BEEN designed, developed and built in Opel’s home city of Riisselsheim, near Frankfurt, since 1899 - and the recent change of ownership from General Motors to French giant PSA won’t end that.

The Next Big Things Nobody Knows How to Make Cars Like Car Makers

IT boffin Prof Walter Brenner says if the car industry adapts it won't be crushed by Silicon Valley start-ups

> IN NEW YORK City in 1900 there were only horse carriages. Today there are a lot of cars, but still around Central Park some horse carriages. That’s my idea of the future: there will always be mixed traffic but the percentage of automated and - somewhere in the future - autonomous traffic will rise.

Does it Work? VW Arteon Predictive Cruise Control

 WE'VE REACHED THE next stage of cruise control. First came the blind and basic stick-toa- set-speed system. Then, in adaptive cruise control systems, radar and cameras would combine to guide braking and acceleration to keep you a set distance from the vehicle in front.

Pump Up The Tech Car Audio

No need to add more speakers - just make them work in harmony to improve the listening experience. By Ian Adcock  
The littlest things can take the shine off your in-car audio quality Just when everything seems to be perfectly balanced, a change from one style of music to another will leave you wondering if you’ve inadvertently found the secret ‘underwater’ setting.

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