BMW X5 Definitely Bigger. Is It Better?

Reach for the pies

The fourth-generation BMW X5 is more innovative than it looks – but it’s also bigger and heavier. By Adam Binnie

HIP HOP LEGEND DMX may not have written the lyrics ‘X gon’ give it to ya, X gon’ deliver to ya’ specifically about BMW’s burgeoning range of SUVs, but it does seem to have acted as a spur to BMW to keep adding more models to its X line-up, and to keep making those vehicles bigger and more complex, all in the cause of feeding the kayak and mountain bike fantasies of the world’s wealthier citizens.

McLaren 600LT Sport Series Goes Extreme

The rogue one

McLaren’s sublime Sport Series gets its edgy, out-there LT flagship – resistance is futile. By Ben Miller

IF I COULD pause real life I’d hit the button right now. The view through the panoramic, vaguely Group C windscreen is split at the horizon into two contrasting worlds: above, the unbroken blue of a serene September sky; and below a speed-blurred streak of hot Grand Prix circuit. Pinch me.

The McLaren and I have made our best fist yet of the Hungaroring’s first four corners: brake-bursting turn one,

AC Schnitzer ACS2 Sport, Perfection, perfected

Some people are never satisfied. AC Schnitzer has given the already fabulous BMW M2 a pricey yet brilliant upgrade. By James Taylor

FEW WOULD DISPUTE that the BMW M2 is a riotously fun car to drive. But there’s always room for more mayhem and mirth, tuner AC Schnitzer reckons.

So the car tested here is something of a rolling taster menu for the assorted upgrade parts and packages it has brewed up, all of them available separately. Particularly tasty bits fitted to this M2 include a power hike from 365bhp to 414bhp via a new ECU (£3873), valved quad exhausts the better to hear it through (£2493) and Schnitzer’s RS suspension package (£2521), a bespoke set of springs and dampers adjustable for ride height, compression and rebound damping.

Plucky sevens, Quick Group Test

Big families need big cars. But which is the best route to packeverything, do-anything seven-seat contentment? By Jake Groves


Why does it look like this?
It’s meant to be a posh SUV that can do the rough stuf – think cheaper Land Rover Discovery. GT-Line S spec is ‘sporty’, so there are ‘ice cube’ DRLs, red calipers and an aggressive grille, to help pushy parents dominate after-school pick-ups.

Nissan Leaf vs VW e-Golf

The people’s car v2.0

Thinking of making the switch? Nissan’s uprated Leaf and VW’s classy e-Golf lead the charge of the afordable electric family cars. But which is best? By Jake Groves

REMEMBER THE FIRST Leaf? A pioneer inside and out, the weird-looking trailblazer with the air-bending headlights and an optional solar panel on the spoiler was a sales success. Now it’s back, with a meatier battery and sleeker silhouette.

The Nissan wears its alternative character with some pride, even if it’s been visually toned down to open up its appeal.

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