Suzuki Jimny Not Just a Pretty Face

Suzuki Jimny Trumpton Riot Wagon

Cute but tough, old-school but new, fun but infuriating… at least there’s nothing dull about Suzuki’s reborn icon. By Gareth Evans

THERE’S A HIGHLY evolved enthusiast scene for the previous-gen Jimny – a car that went on sale two decades ago and to this day remains in a class of one: a tiny, ladder-frame 4x4 with proper off-roading talent, at the expense of on-road manners.

Fiat 500X, Keep It Clean

Forget the fake-4x4 image and enjoy the fab new engines and extra cabin tech. By Colin Overland

LIKE STING BRIEFLY pretending to be some sort of punk rocker because that was the way to get noticed in 1977, the Fiat 500X has now abandoned even the faintest suggestion that it’s the offroad version of Turin’s retro city car.

No longer available in all-wheel-drive form in the UK, the facelifted X is now a better car, thanks largely to the arrival of two new engines.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Panamera Meets M5

MERCEDES - AMG GT63 S 4 - DOOR. It’s Merc’s M5

Don’t get distracted by the semi-coupe body and the complexities of the Merc-AMG hierarchy: this is a head-on rival for BMW’s big performance saloon. By Georg Kacher

EXIT THE CLS SHOOTING Brake, enter the new AMG GT 4-Door. Seems like a fair exchange in the upper reaches of the Mercedes model line-up. The sort-of estate version of the feisty coupe was always an agreeable oddity,

Audi A6 Avant, Job Done

STYLISH BUT NOT fashionable. Upmarket but not flashy. Modest but not humble. Techy but not nerdy. These are the fine lines trodden by the new estate version of the Audi A6, and quite possibly by many of the people who will be drawn to it.

Offering vast interior passenger space, a practical rear end, all the kit you can find on the more expensive A7 and A8, and some punchy powertrains, it poses serious questions about why you’d look at any other type of car.

Honda Civic Saloon, Dull and Proud of It

With the Accord no longer sold in the UK, the saloon version of the Civic brings normal back to Honda’s line-up. By Colin Overland

THE CIVIC HAS been many things over the years, but the best ones have all been hatchbacks and the worst ones saloons.
The last saloon that made its way to Britain was a particularly grim hybrid that set back the cause of electrification by several years, and made innocent bystanders wince at its ugliness. Some still can’t sleep.

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