Inside Prodrive, Life After The Impreza WRC Glory Days


Synonymous with race and rally glory, Prodrive’s evolving into a go-to powerhouse for everything from hybrid vans to carbon bicycles

SUBARU IS PRODRIVE’S hit single, the word you’d blurt out if someone said ‘Prodrive’ in a word-association game. You’ll probably know there’s a richer tapestry than the McRae, Burns and Solberg WRC championships: that the business was founded in 1984 by David Richards (who still runs the show), that the 911 SC RS, its first ever rally car, kick-started the Rothmans-Porsche relationship, that Prodrive took Frank Sytner to BTCC glory in a BMW M3, won with the Ford Mondeo in the Super Touring days too. Today, Prodrive runs Aston Martin’s GT racing team, winning GTE Pro at Le Mans 2017.

Sports Car Giant Test 2018, Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Alpine, M2, Aston

Porsche 911 GT2 RS vs McLaren Senna vs Ferrari Pista vs Alpine A110 vs BMW M2 Competition vs Aston Vantage

From Svelte Alpine to Ballistic McLaren, 2018 Is a Vintage Year for Going Fast. Time to Find The Best Among The Merely Brilliant

NO HOT HATCHES, no super saloons, and definitely no SUVs. That’s the mantra for CAR’s 2018 Sports Car Giant Test, because as talented as the Ford Fiesta ST or Lamborghini Urus might be, when faced with a proper performance car their compromises just won’t cut it.

Instead, we’ve whittled this year’s most talented newcomers down to just six absolute standouts.

Similar on the outside, very diferent inside

Seven generations in, BMW has finally created the first perfect 3-series. In fact, after a sneak first drive, we suspect it might be too good...

ON THE FACE of it, it’s just a compact saloon. And traditionally a pretty expensive one at that. But, by dusting its practicality with a little race-bred rear-wheel-drive dynamic magic, BMW’s 3-series has always added up to more than the sum of its parts. Practical yet perky, versatile but keen to oversteer, the 3’s been making late-night airport runs and early morning commutes fun since 1975.

The New Porsche 911, The Ever Changing Constant

We drive 2019’s 992 and reveal what makes it tick

The new 992 version of the ever-evolving 911 promises high-tech hooliganism like never before. It's almost here – and we've had an early drive

AND STRAIGHT DOWN to business. There’s virtually no familiarisation required before you drive the new 911. It may be the most technically advanced version yet, designed with one eye on a likely future hybrid, but the 992 generation is very much the car we’ve known and loved for decades now. It looks like a 911, feels like a 911 – and drives like a sensationally good 911.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, The Second Coming

More Power, Trick Aero and a Track-Ready Chassis

Only the most extreme Lamborghinis get to wear the SVJ legend. To date there’s been just one, a very special Miura. Now there’s another – a V12 Aventador with more power than a ’90s F1 car. We strap ourselves in…

DID YOU CHANGE the tyres?’ laughs Lamborghini design boss Mitja Borkert as the Aventador SVJ slews sideways and he throws on a half turn of lock, first one way and then the other like he’s mixing cocktails at a swanky hotel bar. ‘It feels like it’s on Pirelli Cinturatos!’ he says, referring to the skinny, balloon-like CN12 rubber the Miura wore, as he saws at the flat-bottomed wheel, just managing to keep the car off the grass.

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