Giant Test Audi Q8 vs rivals

Design-savvy, road-biased and tech-laden, the posh SUV is now the ultimate status symbol. New Q8 battles Velar and Touareg for your money

WELCOME TO A test of three cars that, on the face of it, make absolutely no sense. The players in this rather odd match: Audi’s new Q8 flagship SUV, which takes the eminently practical but pricey Q7, removes some practicality and adds some cost; the Range Rover Velar, the Kardashianised alternative to Land Rover’s styled-by-function Discovery; and the new Touareg, a car with a Volkswagen badge which, as tested, costs more than £70k thanks to Wolfsburg’s inveterate mission creep. What gives?

Motorsport Citroën C1 Racing


Endurance racing is expensive and boring, right? Not when 50 Citroën C1s go at it for the 24 heures du Rockingham

MEYRICK COX is shaking his head. ‘I suppose, because it’s an endurance race,’ I’m saying to him, ‘you have to drive at eight-tenths? You know – look after the brakes, nurse the car to go the distance?’ ‘No,’ he says with a smile. ‘You just have to drive it like you stole it for 24 hours.’

I see. Turns out that pretty much sums up all you need to know about Citroën C1 racing… Of course, if you’re not a car enthusiast, just the idea of racing a bimbling little shopping trolley like a C1 might seem barmy – literally, the only thing it shares with an LMP1 car is the 1.

Bentley Continental GT vs the Continent

Sun Seeker

Remember the golden age of touring, when a trip to the Med meant driving miles, not booking Ryanair? Maybe Bentley’s new Continental GT can bring them back

THERE’S NO DOUBT about it. The Bentley Continental GT is too big for England. With a wheelbase that could swallow a Smart ForTwo, and two metres between its door mirrors, it occupies every inch of its lane on a typical British B-road. Oncoming trucks prompt a sharp intake of breath (and a sweet lungful of contrast-stitched leather and deep-pile carpet aroma in the process – God it smells good in here).

The Sports Car Plugs In, Audi and Mercedes

Audi and Mercedes Unveil The Future of Fun

More than mere eye candy, these concepts from Audi and Mercedes preview some astonishing all-electric future flagships

THE AUDI PB18 and Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow might look like two intriguing concepts, but they’re far more than that. Each is central to its maker’s electric future – the PB18 takes inspiration from Audi’s Le Mans-winning R18 and could be the way ahead for the R8 supercar, while the EQ could well evolve into the halo car of Mercedes’ entire electric EQ range. As if Elon didn’t have enough to worry about…

Inside Porsche’s Back Catalogue

The home of Porsche? It’s Los Angeles, darling

From rare road cars to priceless racers, the Petersen museum in Los Angeles is celebrating Porsche’s 70th birthday in style

IMAGINE BEING ASKED to distil seven decades and millions of cars from one of the world’s most storied, winningest marques into just 50 cars. It’s like asking a Fab Four fan to pick the top three Beatles tunes, or a stoner to choose just one chocolate bar from the glittering confectionery shelves at the 24-hour garage. Either could take days, and both would still be wracked with insecurity at their final selection afterwards.

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