Inside Porsche’s Back Catalogue

The home of Porsche? It’s Los Angeles, darling

From rare road cars to priceless racers, the Petersen museum in Los Angeles is celebrating Porsche’s 70th birthday in style

IMAGINE BEING ASKED to distil seven decades and millions of cars from one of the world’s most storied, winningest marques into just 50 cars. It’s like asking a Fab Four fan to pick the top three Beatles tunes, or a stoner to choose just one chocolate bar from the glittering confectionery shelves at the 24-hour garage. Either could take days, and both would still be wracked with insecurity at their final selection afterwards.

BMW 850i & CSL
Remember BMW’s coupe glory days? They’re back

BMW’s Midas touch, which gave the world the 3.0 CSL Batmobile, hasn’t graced its big coupes for years. Is the magic back in the new M850i? We drive both

THERE IS NOWHERE like Laguna Seca. First, you are in California. A pile of contradictions: desert and verdant, rich and poor, large and empty or small and crowded, depending on where you look.

Laguna itself lives in a dry lake atop a scrub-covered mountain, perched in the hills of Monterey county, 120 miles south of San Francisco. On a clear day, the place feels like a sandy snow globe, the ocean shimmering in the distance.

Honda CR-V at 14,000ft High and Rising on Pikes Peak

HAVE YOU EVER been somewhere so cold your teeth hurt? The summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado is that cold. At 14,000ft every breath of Colgate-fresh air is like an electric current searing through your molars. But so astonishing is the drive up there, so endlessly challenging the serpentine tarmac climb, that by the time you reach the top the buzz is such that you won’t feel the cold. And because you chose to tackle America’s most famous hillclimb in a CR-V and not, for instance, an NSX, you’ll then be able to top up that adrenaline hit by grabbing your roof-mounted mountain bike and free-wheeling all the way back down. What better test for a lifestyle SUV, particularly one as important as the new CR-V?

VW Design Group, One of The Most Important Car Designer in The World

VOLKSWAGEN HAS a massive tarmac- covered viewing space in Spain where Group head of design Michael Mauer meets with his 12 design directors – from Bentley’s Stefan Sielaff to MAN Truck’s Holger Koos – to ap- praise each other’s new proposals (in the form of full-size clay models) in broad daylight and total secrecy. The space is so big that Mauer’s team can even do ‘drive-bys’, so they can decide whether or not their latest headlamp design’s ‘down the road’ graphic really works, or if the grille of the new Skoda baby SUV looks too much like the one from Seat.

Inside G-Class HQ


An automotive icon, Mercedes’ G-Class can do it all: climb mountains, out-bling supercars, shrug of bombs and remain relentlessly relevant while barely changing. And this is the place it calls home

WE’RE BALANCED IN mid- air, a front wheel dangling uselessly from a drooped suspension arm a foot off the ground, the other three tyres squished firmly into the flinty mountainside at an improbable angle: 2.4 tonnes of metal walking a tightrope between see-saw and slip, weight transfer and traction.

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